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Team Building

Team Building

Tteam BuildingWild Water Kingdom, Toronto’s leading entertainment complex now affords the perfect solution for Team Building. WWK is home to Toronto's most spectacular dome (Oct - May)... a 60,000 square foot, climate controlled facility boasting state of the art synthetic turf and lighting. Enjoy playing various sports such as; soccer (with three indoor fields), baseball, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee. Perfect for team building functions. Let us develop an activity program tailored to your specific goals.
Weather permitting, you also have the option of WWK's Urban Oasis consisting of 4 separate activity areas situated on 50 lush landscaped acres......... with baseball, volleyball and a host of other activities. The Oasis provides the perfect upbeat atmosphere for team building excursions. 

Wild Water Kingdom’s Team Building Program is headed up by a dynamic expert in motivational activities, sure to bring out the energy and enthusiasm in every participant! From our Scavenger Hunt Challenge to our competitive teambuilding packages, all activities are conducted in a team-friendly competitive format. From arrival to departure our team will ensure an enriched experience. So when you are considering options for your office picnic or teambuilding day, be sure to check out wildwaterkingdom.com

Investing in team morale is key in today’s changing workplace. Our diverse programs are designed to encourage cooperation and a sense of harmony. Choose the right package that fits your company profile, and our trained representatives will organize your entire day.

Every team member will be left with a renewed feeling of motivation gained from efficiently accomplishing activities in an engaging and upbeat setting. Come and join us and we will help you to succeed as a unified team!

WWK's Sports Dome will be open from October 2013 - May 2014


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Popular Team Building Activities

Team Building Activity
Index Intensity Level
Team Tilt-A-Maze
Teams navigate coconuts through a giant 50ft2 handheld maze
B Challenging
Plumb Crazy Catch
8 foot plungers and hacky sacs make this event truly unique
A Moderate
Gladiator Jousting
Dual against your favorite rival
B Challenging
People Stacking
How many people can you fit in a square foot?
A Moderate
Teamwork is key! If you are small - you dodge, if you are
big - you throw



Burlap Bamboozle
Team potato sack racing with a twist
A Challenging
Carry the Torch
Keep the flame alive while guiding the torch through the course
B Moderate
Mind Benderz
Challenge your mind with our giant puzzle
A Leisure
All Tied Up
Race to replicate knots without letting go of the rope
B Leisure

Team Building Scavenger Challenge

Try out our new Scavenger Challenge. 

Part Scavenger Hunt – Part Adventure Challenge.  This unique race is designed to appeal to all types of competitors.  Teams will be searching for random items throughout the picnic area and water park, each worth different points based on how difficult they are to find.  Teams will also need to tap into their inner-spy and decipher clues to answer water park trivia.  More daring team members will need to get wet and wild to gain MAJOR points by testing some of our craziest attractions.

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